Haley The Fangirl

I'm an obsessive fangirl who spends her life here, on the internet.


Hello There.

Hey. I'm Haley. It's cool you're on my website.

Wait, why are you on my website?

Are you stalking me?

That's weird. And creepy.

(but I'm low key happy you noticed me)

Please don't track me down and watch me sleep, though.

That would be crossing so many lines, Trump would deport you.


It's probably best if you just leave now.

For your own sanity and such.

~ ~ ~ ~

Check out my fandoms (don't judge)

and my blog (why am I even doing this?)

My Nerdy Team Of Fangirls

They basically tell me I'm wrong. It's very helpful.


Head Advisor
"What should I do here?" I ask,
then she says something really smart that I should've thought of already. Very helpful.
Abby's super cool and is in many fandoms. Go visit her at


Co-advisor / Co-editor
When I'm not sure which stupid quote to put in, she's always there to tell me that both are equally irrelevant. So helpful.
Hope's very calm and is good to have around when a crisis strikes in a fandom.


Head Editor
When I spell everything wrong, she's there to tell me I need to use spell check way more often.
Seriously, the most helpful.
Addie's so nice and kind, which is really important when you're freaking out over the haters.